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Amy Heller Zimmerman

Writer / Co-Director / Co-Producer / Actor

          Amy is the writer, co-director, co-producer, and lead actor of My Little Renaissance Girl. Her training comes from The Academy at Black Box Studio, The London Dramatic Academy, The Second City, and Loyola University Chicago. Her credits include Edward Albee’s Fragments: A Sit Around (producer, actor, Director of Community Outreach), a five-year sold-out run of the musical sketch comedy show Single All the Way (co-writer, producer, director, actor), and a sold-out run of the original play For the Record at the Prop Thtr in Chicago (producer, co-creator, actor).

          Her professional life has been dedicated to works focused on social impact, self-referential comedy, and strong feminist perspectives which were integral to the development of My Little Renaissance Girl. Amy uses her art to explore the paradoxes of humanity; what makes us laugh during a tragedy? How seriously can we take comedy?


Cast & Crew


Amy Heller Zimmerman

as Amy

Lauren Partch

as Ginny

Alex Nolen

as Hallie

Philena Gilmer

as Ursa

Clara Flaherty

as Benny

Breanna Lucas

as Melissa

Hananiah Wiggins

as Gemma

Anna Dauzvardis

as Nina

Dario Carrion

as Dave

Kianna Louisor

as Student 1

Zoe Agapinan

as Student 2

Brandon Rodriguez

as Student 3

William Marquez

as Travis

Rodney Shaffer

as Art Teacher


Bethany Berg


Amy Heller Zimmerman


Lauren Partch


Anthony Gibson


Lucinda Mandel

Production Designer


Art Direction & Design

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