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On the top 100 grossing films of 2019 women represented: 

 12% directors
20% writers
2% cinematographers
26% producers
19% of executive producers

Our female-led production team is passionate about changing these statistics with a female writer, female director, and a 90% female cast bringing a story to the screen about the female experience. There are not enough stories about mental health, the stigmas that surround it, and the complexities of shame passed down through generations around the female body. This 90% female lead team is ready to bring this representation to the screen with your help. 

Now more than ever we need to add art to the world that reflects the human struggle and connection. We have a goal of $40,000 that will be used towards production, paying our incredible crew, and cast, and providing the best quality work possible to bring this story to the screen. Your support will help us to bring this film to life while providing more awareness to audiences about the raw struggle of body dysmorphia through a lens of dark humor. 

We are so grateful for any amount you are able to contribute to help this feature film come to the screen and your support to this female-driven team will receive a public thank you on our website. 

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