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            The concept of MY LITTLE RENAISSANCE GIRL came about when a comment about my appearance was made during a time when I was developing my self perception and worth. It lived and developed over the years in the ways I navigated social situations, evolved my self-talk, and learned to obsess about my flaws in private while publicly addressing them with blasé humor. When I began to open up to my closest friends about my insecurities, there was power when we realized that what we believed to be our deep dark secrets, was actually something we shared. Realizing the ability difficult conversations have to expose and break down our deepest insecurities was the inspiration to finally put this internal narrative into a film.

MY LITTLE RENAISSANCE GIRL is not the story we’ve heard before of a “normal-sized woman” who learns to love her body in a sea of models and hot

Hollywood types; rather, it’s about friends that have varying body types and challenges of their own. It’s a woman’s fight to break free of a self-image that literally weighs her down and to define her own reality. While the film deals with an unplanned pregnancy, the character’s right to choose is never the issue at stake. Instead, she questions whether she can give a child the same unconditional love she struggles to give herself.

            MY LITTLE RENAISSANCE GIRL asks what it means to be a woman, a friend, a mother, and a human trying to reconcile her body and her mind. It explores the humor in our darkest thoughts, the pain underlying the jokes we tell the world, and the power of owning the stories we tell ourselves.

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